Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to the internet?

For instructions on how to connect please visit How to Connect.

What is meant by "You have reached maximum concurrent session"?

This message indicates that the user has exceeded the maximum amount of logins available for that particular pre-card or username. Usually it means that you have shared your username or pin with someone and they are currently using it. If you did not share your username or pin it may be that you have another device that’s currently logged in. You will need to logout with that device before you can login with another device. To logout visit Account Logout at Account Logout and click on the Log Out button. Please note that this feature is only available to customer who are currently using the Dekal network.

What is meant by "User not found/ invalid username and password"?

This error message is seen on the login page when the system detects that the particular username and password that you submitted is not found in the system. Usually it means that the username or password you typed is incorrect. Please check the username and password and try again. Also, please be aware that typing the password incorrectly three times consecutively will block you from logging in for 15 minutes - you will need to wait 15 minutes to try again. This blocking feature is a security measure to protect our customers.

What is the Platinum Service?

Platinum is a customized service to meet each customers need, and packages start at 4mbps of download speed and a 512kbps of upload speed. We offer speeds of up to 10mbps. If you would like faster than 10Mb speeds please contact us at With our platinum package you will be given 2 simultaneous logins comprised of an "always on" feature and a roaming account. The "always on" feature allows you to have your DEKAL device connected to the internet without the need to login. The roaming account allows you to use the service wherever there is coverage by logging in with their username and password.

Am a Platinum / Monthly subscriber, "How do I change my password?"

Simply click on the "My Account" link at the top right of our website and login with your username and password. Once logged in you will then use the link "Change Password" on the vertical navigation bar to the left of the screen. You will have to enter your existing password and then enter the new password and confirm the new password. Once completed your password will be changed.

Am a Platinum / Monthly subscriber, "How do I view my account information?"

Click on the "My Account" link at the top right of our website and login with your username and password. Once logged in you can view your user summary, update your account information, view historical data your online sessions, view your payment history, and change your password.

Having trouble seeing / returning to the login page?

(Question ?) Am in Dekal’s coverage area and saw the login page to enter my prepaid card / member details. However, before I signed in I decided to clicked into your other pages of the Dekal website. When I returned to the home page, I could not find the login page. How do I get the login page to return ?

(Answer) If you are within our coverage area you should be able to see our login page. If for some reason you cannot or cannot return to the login page, simply type in any website address in the URL bar / space of your browser and you should automatically be returned to the login page in order to surf the internet. For example, type or click here If you still can’t see the login page, then close your browser and open it again. Failing that, turn off your computer and try again

Having trouble finding the logout page?

(Question ?) Am currently signed / logged into the Dekal network as a card user / member. I had closed the Dekal website and/or surfed to another website other than Dekal. Am now trying to log out but cannot find the logout button / page even though I’ve returned to Dekal’s website What do I need to do to get the logout page?

(Answer) If you have already signed into Dekal and would like to now log out, click here.

Where is DEKAL and/or its distributors located?

DEKAL is located at Shops 4 & 5, City Centre Plaza, 8 Harbour Street, Port Antonio, Portland. DEKAL's opening hours are 9am - 7pm, Monday - Saturday.

DEKAL's distributor's are located throughout Jamaica. For details, click here. Each distributor's opening hours may vary.

Where can we get service?

Currently, we have multiple access points set up, see "Coverage Area" page. We are in the process of deploying in other locations as well. These antennas broadcast the SUPERWIFI signal up to 1km in diameter. If you have a clear view of one of our SUPERWIFI radio/antenna towers (Access Point) you can also get service by using line-of-sight equipment available through DEKAL or one of DEKAL's authorised distributors from up to 3km away from the nearest available Access Point.

What services do you offer?

DEKAL offers wireless access to the internet in many areas throughout Jamaica. In addition to wireless internet, DEKAL offers private networking and video surveillance systems both wired and wireless.

Do I have to pay for this service?

Yes. However, our rates are extremely low and affordable for all. Visit our "Rates" page for the most updated rates.

I would like to become a customer, where do I go? / Where can I get time cards?

You can visit DEKAL or one of DEKAL's authorised distributors or simply purchase a pre-paid card from any DEKAL authorised reseller in order to use our network. Pre-paid cards are available at any location where you see the "SUPERWIFI Cards Sold Here" sign.

How do I connect with my desktop?

This is completely dependent on signal strength in your area. If you have a very weak signal we have our SUPERWIFI Booster to enable you to receive and boost the signal in your area as well as connect to your desktop. For further enquiry, please contact DEKAL at 63-DEKAL or simply visit one of DEKAL's authorised distributors.

If you have a medium signal you can probably get by with a WiFi dongle. This is a small device that looks just like a USB flash drive. You plug this into your desktop and it allows you to surf the internet wirelessly.

If you have no signal in your area the only other option is Line-Of-Sight service. This service requires you to have a clear view of one of our SUPERWIFI antennas. You will need our SUPERWIFI Booster equipment. To find out if you are within the coverage area, please contact DEKAL at 63-DEKAL or simply visit one of DEKAL's authorised distributors.

How much will the SUPERWIFI Booster equipment cost?

Currently there is a one-time deposit. You will have to sign for our SUPERWIFI Booster equipment and purchase a month of service to receive this equipment. We will install it at no extra charge. If you no longer have use for our SUPERWIFI Booster equipment, you can return the device in working order and receive 50% of your deposit back. Please note that the device must be in working order when received by DEKAL. To find out what the deposit amount is, please contact DEKAL at 63-DEKAL or simply visit one of DEKAL Wireless' authorised distributors.

How long does it take to get my SUPERWIFI Booster installed?

Installation should take no more than 7 days after your deposit is received. We may be able to install in a shorter time but it depends on our technicians work load at the time.

What is the speed I'm supposed to get?

DEKAL offers various connection speeds ranging from 512Kb to 4 Mbs (download) and 128 Kb to 512Kb (upload). The speed you get will depend on the package you subscribe for and/or the pre-paid card you purchase. For heavy data users, we can provide a customized service with download speeds of up to 10 Mbs. To find out more, please contact DEKAL at 63-DEKAL or simply visit one of DEKAL's authorised distributors.

The connection feels slow, what's wrong?

There could be a number of reasons but the first thing to consider is your proximity to the antennas and your signal level. To be able to get the maximum bandwidth allocated to your account, it's best to be in a spot with good signal quality. Good signal quality would be three bars or better (75% or better). Other factors that could cause slow surfing are malware, spyware, viruses, too many online applications running in the background, etc. If you are at home and getting low signal levels, call DEKAL at 63-DEKAL or simply visit one of DEKAL's authorised distributors and we can arrange to install our SUPERWIFI Booster for a one-time deposit.

How do I logout of the DEKAL network?

To log yourself out of the system, click on the button "Account Logout". You will then see the "log out" button on that page.

Why can't I log in?

Each pre-paid card is only valid for use on any one terminal/computer at any one time. You should keep the pin of your pre-paid card secret and not share it with anyone else.

  • If you previously used your pre-paid card on a different terminal/computer than the one you are currently trying to logon to, the pin of your pre-paid card may still be active on the other terminal/computer - this will therefore prevent you from logging on. You will need to logoff from that other terminal/computer.
  • As the pin of your pre-paid card is valid on only one terminal/computer at any one time, and if your pin has been revealed to another person, there is a possibility that another person is using your pin at the time you are trying to logon. You will need to have the other person logoff.

Remember, your pin is valid on only one terminal/computer at a time.